Are you all you think about?

Are you all you think about?

I used to be all I thought about.

But it was always related to what others were doing to me.

Or not doing.

Like they were saying passive-aggressive comments. Or outright mean comments.

The flip side of that was my focus on

someone not returning my call in the time frame I thought they should have.

Or focusing on finding out I hadn’t been invited to lunch with ladies I thought were my friends.

I never lived in the moment because my head was constantly in the past,

thinking about how people in my life were basically sh*theads to me,

especially when I did so much for them.

I’d think about how, next time my boyfriend’s jerk friend calls me “crazy hippie chick,”

I’ll come up with a zinger that will totally put him in his place.

I’d think about how, when that person eventually did call me back,

I wouldn’t call her back. Then she’ll learn to appreciate me.

And on and on it went.

Ever do this?

Ever get lost in your head about how

others don’t treat you the way you should be treated?

Ever visit this place daily and get stuck in it?

And when someone does finally reach out to you, you’re stiff and irritable and

won’t give them a straight answer when they ask to see you?

(you tell her you’re super busy with your real friends)

And then you’re bitchy to the grocery checkout clerk and your boyfriend and your mom, and they all look at you like you’ve got problems, and

you hear a little voice in your head that says this isn’t really you but

you tell it to shut up and you can act this way if you want because

everyone treats you like crap when you treat them like gold?

Are you irritable with everyone because you’re not getting what you want from YOUR LIFE?

Are you living a life of “next year I’m gonna do this” and

then it becomes the NEXT year…and the NEXT year?

And your life goes on and on each day with you

living in negativity and your head full of resentment.

Totally listening to the critical voice in your head and giving it ALL of your power.

Feeling like a victim and completely lacking power and self-love.

Thinking others must have been given a guide on how to have good relationships,

be happy, treat their bodies well, and make money,

but they forgot to give you that guide?

How do I know that place so well? I lived there for a long time.

And when I was in that place for YEARS,

I never thought I’d get out.

I didn’t think there was a way out.

I thought people were born happy and since I wasn’t, I never would be.

I thought I was forever stuck in that place of sucky relationships, a job I loathed,

constantly being 15 lbs overweight and living on quesadillas, and

never having enough money to do anything or go anywhere or buy anything

except for paying the most important bills.

Let me tell you, beautiful woman, YES I said beautiful…

You can get out of that place.

You can create the life you’ve only dreamed about ~

where you find love with someone who respects, adores, and values you,

where you find friends who give as much (or more) than you do,

where you thrive in a career you love,

where you’re happy with your physical self,

where you’re healthy and at the weight you feel good about and can buy clothes joyfully

without leaving the store in tears and then eating ice cream to feel better,

where you treat yourself like gold mentally, physically, and spiritually,

where people want to be around you because you exude calmness, generosity, and support,

where you have more than enough money to do whatever you want,

and your head is filled with thoughts of the present moment, positivity, hope, and

appreciation for your amazing, confident, courageous, and beautiful life.

You don’t have to believe this can be you.


You just have to believe that I used to be where you are,

and believe that I’m now living my dream life. That I created.

A life of love, happiness, confidence, joy, and more than enough anything I’ve ever needed.

You don’t have to fully believe in you. Yet.

Just believe that I believe in you.

Board Certified Coach (BCC)