3 ways to be more productive in your biz

 What’s keeping you from being more productive in your biz?

 One of the biggest reasons biz owners aren’t more productive is distractibility.

 We all get distracted, but when we’re spending more time focused on what happened in the past, what might happen in the future, or what Coach Sally said in her Facebook video, our biz productivity goes way down.

 When your productivity goes down, your biz results suffer.

 What’s the solution?


 Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present in the moment:

 You observe your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations with the intention of accepting where you are right now.

 Acquiring mindfulness isn’t a one and done. Like meditation, learning how to be mindful takes practice and persistence.

 It’s totally worth your time and effort to learn mindfulness.

 It’s helped me immensely in both my personal and professional life.

 Overall, you’ll start to feel more peaceful and be able to manage your emotions better.

 But what does being mindful look like for your business?

 One of the best results of learning mindfulness is becoming more productive in your biz.

 Being mindful stops the overthinking, so you’re engaging in present-minded business tasks.

 When you’re focused on the present, you’ll make better decisions.

 You won’t be letting past regrets (like spending $5K on a coach who wasn’t too helpful) or future fears (like “Is anyone going to buy my course?”) sway your decisions, so you’ll be empowered to make better choices for your biz.

 Here are 3 ways to increase your mindfulness (and get a CEO mindset):

1-Be Aware of Your Breath

 Close your eyes and take a deep breath in.

 My favorite breathing technique is super simple, and I teach it to all my clients:

 >Take a deep breath in for 4 seconds

>Fill up your stomach, as well as your chest, with air

>Hold for 4 seconds

>Slowly let your breath out for 4 seconds

>Do this one time (or 20 times) and visualize any tension leaving your body with your breath.

 Eckhart Tolle (my hero) says one simple breath in and out is a meditation.

 So there you have it – take one deep breath in and your mediation is done for the day. 😉


2-Use All Five Senses to Experience Daily Life

 If you’re anything like me, you spend most of your time in your head, so this tip will skyrocket you into the 5th dimension!

 You know the awesome gifts of our 5 senses from the universe that we usually take for granted? They can help you get into some deep mindfulness.

 Try it right now…get mindful about your touch sense:

 >Close your eyes

>Feel the chair underneath your body

>Feel your fingertips on your laptop

>Feel the floor underneath your feet

>Feel your arms resting on your lap

 Get a sense of your body connecting with whatever you’re touching.

 When you do this, you become aware of your touch sense and stop thinking (that’s the icing on the cake).

 When you pay attention to and deeply experience any one of your senses, it brings you into the moment and gives you a sense of peace.

 The goal here is to live all the time in the place of sense awareness.

 Practice it with all your senses and increase the time you spend there by a few seconds each time.


3-Use Sticky Notes

 This is one of my favorite mindfulness techniques!

 It’s simple: Put sticky notes around your home with whatever words that’ll remind you to be mindful.

 Currently, I choose a word for the day, so each morning after my meditation, I select a word I feel aligned with at that moment.

 I write it on a few sticky notes and place them in strategic places in my house.

 Put them in different places every day, otherwise you’ll get too used to seeing them and ignore them.

 The sticky note plan helps you get out of your head and into present-moment observation:

 You can be going about your day all up in your head with your plans and worries and self-centered thinking, and boom!

 You see your sticky note with your reminder word and instantly you become mindful.

 Ok, you do have to stop for a second and pay attention to your word after you see your sticky note, right? Don’t just look at your note and move on. Otherwise what’s the point?

 So yes, I’m not telling you to sell more of your programs, do more live videos on Facebook, or make some cold calls (I’ll never tell you that!).

 And no, you’re not going to be wearing a sandwich board advertising your services on the busiest corner in the city, but mindfulness will directly benefit your business in many ways that a sandwich board won’t:

 >When you’re grounded in reality through mindfulness, you strengthen your intuition, so you’ll make better decisions

>Mindfulness helps eliminate negative self-talk

>You’ll improve your ability to focus and will be more productive in a shorter amount of time

>Mindfulness gets you out of the comparison trap

>It helps you be truer to yourself and judge yourself less

>Being mindful (i.e., being observant without judgment) expands gratitude, which brings you out of scarcity mindset and into abundance mindset (a necessity for a successful and sustainable biz)

 Who doesn’t want these results?

 Remember, learning mindfulness takes practice.

 But the more often you bring awareness to each moment, the easier being mindful becomes.

 It’s like anything else you learn; eventually it’ll become a habit you don’t even have to think about before you realize you’re already doing it (Remember learning to ride a bike or sending out an email to your list? Now you can do it without overthinking).

 And there’s no end point with mindfulness: the more you do it, the more benefits you and your business receive.

 I help female coaches and healers attain a CEO mindset fearlessly share their story, so they stand out from the crowd, attract soulmate clients, and make their desired  impact.

 My clients learn how to use their own healing stories to create their purpose-driven, successful business. One key to their success is becoming an observer of their ego and increasing their mindfulness.

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