About Dr. Tristan Sophia

I’m Dr. Tristan Sophia

Board Certified Confidence + Success Coach

For the woman ready to go big in her business

I coach ambitious entrepreneurial women to get the lasting confidence needed to get visible to ideal clients and achieve their dream of a successful business, so they create a life of prosperity and freedom.

How do you transform your biz (and your life)?

Through your mindset

More About Me

My “dr” title comes from being a psychologist almost 20 years before transitioning to the rewarding work of life coaching.

I coach women to stop giving in to procrastination, perfectionism, inconsistency and playing small, so they attain the lasting confidence needed to get visible to their ideal clients, build their business empires, and create their dream lives.

I live in gorgeous Montana with my hubby and 3 (and counting!) rescue pups. I lived in Los Angeles for many years, all over the Southwest, and several places in Montana before I finally found my forever spot.

Listen lovely, I’ve been where you are…

I achieved a lot in my career and innocently assumed the online entrepreneurial space would be like any other goal I’d tackled. Except, gulp, it wasn’t.

And the only monetary cost I thought I’d have was a website (oh you sweetly naïve girl!).

When I didn’t experience the quick success I’d anticipated, I fell into self-doubt.

Wth? I’d had the self-discipline, hard-work ethic, and planning/organizational skills to get my doctorate. I’d even earned a scholarship for the highest GPA in my doctoral program. I had 30 years of experience in the mental health field. I single-handedly built 4 successful private practices. I had a certificate in life coaching and got Board Certified. So, becoming a prosperous online coach? Easy peasy, right?

Yeah, not so easy! The results? Few and far between…Enter the self-doubt. And my husband returning from work to find me again in tears. Wow ~ I couldn’t believe the mean things I was saying to myself (like “I don’t think I can do this,” “Everyone else knows what they’re doing,” and “This was such a stupid decision”).

I had the skills, the solid determination, the unwavering discipline…I had a handful of clients I was giving massive discounts to, but no sustainable results.

I’d spend hours writing social media content and creating an image to go with it…I’d post it. Then wait…I’d check for likes and comments and ended up baffled when none came. I’d wait longer. Nothing. Check again – my best friend liked it (I’d told her to like any biz-related post of mine). Check again – hubby liked it (I’d told him the same thing). Check again… Nothing.

Hence the dissolving into sobs and unintelligible disparaging remarks about myself when my hubby asked, “How was your day?”

Was it possible I still had mindset work to do like I kept hearing was the magic key to success?

Up til then I was a self-described “self-help snob.” I’d done therapy (5x!), read a TON of self-help books, been in two 12-step groups…I didn’t need more work on myself did I? Welp, yes, I did.

I not only learned of the need to invest in myself and my biz, I quickly realized I had mindset work to do before I could have my envisioned success.

And that was the turning point for me.

But here’s the magical thing ~ this wasn’t some deep-seated, intense mindset work I had to do immerse myself in for several months.

I already had the willingness to look at myself and correct my limiting beliefs, and I had the laser-focused determination stop wasting any more time and make my biz a success.

So, the mindset results came rapidly.

Yes! The mindset work on my confidence was the missing link in me and my biz becoming truly successful (and sustainable). And work specifically on my scarcity mindset (remember the “massive discounts” noted above?) was what took me to a whole new level.

I’d heard this so many times, haven’t you? Mindset is the key blah blah blah. And I ignored it. As I said, I truly didn’t think I had more work to do on myself. Ahhh, but I did.

When I finally accepted that I needed a bit more growth in my confidence, that started the ball rolling. I plunged in and did the work…and got the results to show for it.

The online space for entrepreneurs is not for those who give up easily!

This is what happens ~ We’re born with confidence. Then, for a few reasons, we stifle it. And self-doubt becomes our new normal (even if we appear fairly courageous).

Confidence as adults is a learned skill. And the more we work on it, the more ingrained it becomes. So our confidence mindset becomes our new normal.

I coach women entrepreneurs on their confidence + success mindset because self-doubt was my biggest struggle and becoming a confident woman has been my biggest achievement.

So, not only can you find lasting confidence, but it can be the key step to you getting the results in your biz you desire.

I can help you become the confident and courageous woman you need to be to do all those tasks you need to do to get visible, scale your biz, and actually create the life you dream of…

To say goodbye to playing small and step into the role of the CEO of a massively successful business…

To let go of what others think and plunge into a sassier, bolder you that only looks to upscale her biz every year, hire a bigger team, and impact more people around the globe…

To detach from limiting beliefs and confidently embrace your courageous role as a leader for all of those whose lives you touch.

This is how you know if I can help you

You’re a go-getting high achiever
who’s had success, but you’re beyond
frustrated with the self-imposed
blocks keeping you from building
the prosperous
business you dream of

You’re ready for real change and
tangible results like increased
visibility, more powerful social media
presence, more high-paying clients

You’re entirely willing to take
out-of-your-comfort-zone action to

make your biz the one you want,
 not to mention finally getting the
income you deserve

You’re sick of wasting time and
are ready to shed your limiting
stories and step into the confident and courageous CEO you know
you are, so you can get visible, get the results
you want in your biz 
and live a life
of freedom

Fun Facts About Me

I’m skilled in ballet and kickboxing

I believe all dogs should be spoiled rotten ~ my hubby says when he dies he wants to come back as one of my rescue pups

I moved 27 times before I found my forever spot in the mountains of Montana

I green juice (is that a verb lol?) every.single.day after thyroid cancer in 2006 and being inspired by the most lovely Kris Carr

One of my dearest friends found my hubby online for me, then married us 3 years later

My favorite foods ~ huevos rancheros, nachos, and brownies with gobs of frosting

My favorite books for the entrepreneurial journey ~ You Are a Badass (yellow cover) by Jen Sincero, The Prosperous Coach by Rich Litvin & Steve Chandler, and The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks

Perfect meme to describe me ~ “I’m the chick who listens to gansta rap on the way to the farmer’s market from yoga”

The entrepreneurial online space is unique in
many aspects:

You show who you are, often at your deepest level.

You have to build a suit of armour to be able to handle everything that comes with being visible, vulnerable, and having a successful biz.

Lovely ~ your armour needs to be constructed of genuine confidence, otherwise you’ll crumble with the majority of people who quit when challenged.

I’m the one to help you do that. Once you find your suit of confidence, it’ll always be with you, and then you can do anything you dream of.

Let’s do this!

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