About Dr. Tristan Sophia

I’m Dr. Tristan Sophia

Board Certified 

Life Coach for Soul-Centered Women

I’m a life coach for soul-centered women who want to stop holding themselves back, so they start living true to themselves and create joyful lives.

My clients come to me for help with unfulfilling relationships, overgiving/people pleasing, not being true to themselves, self-doubt, and lack of consistent self-care.


How do you transform your life?

Through your mindset

More About Me

My “dr” title comes from being a psychologist almost 20 years before transitioning to life coaching.

I coach soul-centered women to get the mindset needed to create a joyful life. I use a step-by-step process to create new beliefs, so clients are no longer held back by old beliefs telling them they can’t have the life they dream of.

My transformational journey of surviving and thriving after bullying, depression, and alcoholism created my passion to help soulful women stop wasting time in self-doubt and get the mindset needed to fulfill their life desires.

I live in gorgeous Montana with my hubby and 3 (and counting!) rescue pups. I lived in Los Angeles for many years, all over the Southwest, and several places in Montana before I finally found my forever spot.

Lovely, I’ve been where you are…

By the time I was 5, I was full of self-doubt and felt like I didn’t fit in with the human race.

At 15, I was deep into depression and alcoholism.

I felt ashamed about who I was, but I didn’t know what to do…so I kept powering on through.





I created a false self for the world and hid my true self deep down.

Life was painful for me; I felt like a turtle without a shell.

On September 4, 1993, I hit my bottom with depression and drinking.



My entire life changed over the span of the next 8 hours.

I surrendered, and my blinders were removed.

I didn’t realize it then, but a belief in something greater had been created in me.

The way I describe it now is that I became ready, and my teacher appeared.

It was then that I reached out for real help for the first time in my life.



My biggest take away from my life so far is this: be open to changing everything you think you know.


Once you become open and willing, you can create the life you want.

A courageous mindset and new beliefs were a couple of the  missing links in me creating a joyful life.

Specifically, letting go of my scarcity mindset while embracing an abundance mindset, as well as learning how to practice daily mindfulness took me to a whole new level.

I do mindset exercises daily to maintain what I’ve learned and to continue to expand into new joy and success.


We’re all born with confidence. Then, for various reasons, we lose it.

Self-doubt, fear of rejection, and people pleasing become our new normal (even if we sometimes act courageous).

We want to be true to ourselves!



What you want in your life – balanced relationships, being true to yourself, assertiveness, self-care – they can all be created…by you!

The more you achieve a bold mindset, the more you’ll start to see what you want in your life.

And then your courageous mindset will become your new normal.



I coach soul-centered women on their mindset because self-doubt was my biggest life struggle, and becoming a courageous woman and coach has been one of my biggest achievements. (I even have a tattoo with the word “courageous” in French tattooed on my hip to remind me!)

You can overcome what’s stopping you from creating the life you dream of.



I can help you to become the courageous and healed woman you need to be to create the joyful life you dream of…

:: To say goodbye to playing small and hello to developing and using your powerful  voice to ask for what you need (and deserve) in this world…

:: To let go of what others think and plunge into a sassier, bolder you who realizes that personal growth is the key to her dreams coming true…

:: To detach from your limiting beliefs that are holding you down and confidently embrace your role as an EMPOWERED woman for all of those whose lives you touch.

How you know if I can help you…

You’re a soul-centered high achiever, but beyond frustrated with the self-imposed blocks keeping you from your dream life

You’re ready to do the deeper work to get the authentic change you’re seeking 


        You’re ready to move beyond unfulfilling intimate relationships,         overgiving, not being true to yourself, self-doubt, and lack of regular self-care

You’re ready to shed your limiting
  beliefs and become the 
courageous woman 
    you already are, so you can
live the joyful life you crave

Fun Facts About Me

I’m skilled in ballet and kickboxing

I believe all dogs should be spoiled rotten ~ my hubby says when he dies he wants to come back as one of my rescue pups

I moved 27 times before I found my forever spot in the mountains of Montana

I green juice (is that a verb lol?) every.single.day after thyroid cancer in 2006 and being inspired by the most lovely Kris Carr

One of my dearest friends found my hubby online for me, then married us 3 years later

My favorite foods ~ huevos rancheros, nachos, and brownies with gobs of frosting

My favorite books for the entrepreneurial journey ~ You Are a Badass (yellow cover) by Jen Sincero, The Prosperous Coach by Rich Litvin & Steve Chandler, and The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks

Perfect meme to describe me ~ “I’m the chick who listens to gansta rap on the way to the farmer’s market from yoga”

You are 100% unique:


Your limiting beliefs are holding you back from creating the life you dream of ~ fulfilling relationships where you receive as much as you give, being true to yourself, standing up for yourself, nourishing self-care, and boldly claiming your space in the world.


When you get a courageous mindset, you’ll feel aligned every day with your life purpose.


Once you replace your old, limiting beliefs with new, empowering beliefs that no longer hold you back, you can do anything you dream of.



Let’s do this!

Read my blogs for info on how to overcome your struggles

Board Certified Coach (BCC)