My Story

My passion is to help you heal and thrive after narcissistic abuse

Dr. Tristan Sophia’s Story

I’m Dr. Tristan Sophia, a psychologist and board-certified life coach with 30+ years of experience helping people fulfill their dreams. 

I’ve learned so much from my own healing journey. 

Narcissistic abuse in my childhood left me wounded with low self-worth and alcohol abuse.  

As an adult, I tried therapy, but each time I was simply diagnosed with depression and never experienced deep healing. Following making some progress in therapy, I’d find myself again in a relationship with a narcissist. 

After I left my last narcissistic relationship, I finally realized how my empathy for others but lack of self-compassion attracted toxic, abusive partners.  

How do you change that destructive pattern? 

The key was deciding to work with a professional who truly understood me because she had experienced and recovered from narc abuse. For the first time in my life, I started to heal and create lasting change. 

A deep transformation happened: I learned how to trust my intuition fully, make self-compassion my default, and create emotionally healthy relationships. 

Now, my passion is to help you heal and thrive after narcissistic abuse, whether it was in your childhood, adult relationships, or both. 

If you want to heal from past narcissistic abuse, including emotional abuse and neglect as a child, and/or want to learn how to permanently stop the toxic roller coaster of attracting narcissists, you have to work with someone who truly understands narcissistic abuse – someone who understands you.  

Then you can begin to create a life of loving relationships, genuine confidence, and deep joy.  

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