Mindset + Action = Joyful Life


Do you believe you can create the life you want?

: You want to feel loved and be loved by those closest to you, but while you give them what you need, you don’t receive what you need in return.

: You change yourself to meet what you think people want from you and feel empty doing so.

: You’re overly focused on making others happy but you’re usually lowest on your priority list


: You overgive and people please. You want to speak up for yourself but end up deferring to others and staying silent.

: You hesitate to set boundaries and say “no.” When you do say “no,” you feel guilty and that you’re letting others down.

: You listen to your inner critic way too much and know that old beliefs are holding you back


What’s keeping you from loving your life?


We all have unique life stories. 

At first, our stories are based just on the facts of our life events.

Over time, we add in feelings and thoughts about the facts. 

We tell others about our facts:

We add in new thoughts, forget some parts of the story, and embellish other parts.

While telling our story, we experience new revelations and emotions. 


What happens is that the thoughts we repeatedly have about our life events become our beliefs

This is how we give meaning to our life experiences. 

Over time, we tell and re-tell our stories to ourselves and others, literally combining our beliefs about who we were, are, and will be – our past, present, and future – with facts we selectively recall.

We never include every fact in our stories, only what is most meaningful to us and reflects our identity. 

This fact selection is not something we’re usually consciously choosing to do, so don’t blame yourself for what you remember (or forget). 


What’s essential to know is that our beliefs become background noise that we hardly notice, but they’re always there, influencing us. They color our perception of our past, present, and future.

Some of our beliefs are limiting beliefs, and they hold us back or make us feel like something is blocking us, often without knowing why. 

Our stories impact our lives by how we interact and react to others. This can become a never-ending loop of blocks to success, which we then use to “prove” that our limiting beliefs are accurate. But, actually, if your story is full of limiting beliefs, you’re not seeing reality accurately

You end up in a self-defined loop of limits and blocks, which becomes a pattern of self-sabotage.


Stories serve us in beneficial or harmful ways, for example:

> If the story you’re telling mostly reflects you as victorious, you’ll be successful. 

Example: I can succeed at anything I put my mind to.


> If your story mostly has you as a victim, you’ll be less successful than you want. 

Example: Every time I try to do well and rise above my circumstances, I get knocked back down.


Let’s say a person’s parents/caregivers didn’t meet her emotional needs (for whatever reason).

So, her story becomes one of people being invalidating and untrustworthy. She believes she has to be different to be loved and accepted.

That served her well in a toxic family environment (we cope in ways that increase our chance of survival), but when she’s an adult, having trust problems block her path to achieving her  dreams:

~ She feels ambivalent about connecting deeply with others

~ She overgives in relationships to get the love she wants

~ She resents herself for being a people pleaser

~ She isn’t true to herself with others because she fears rejection

~ She doesn’t do regular self-care and then criticizes herself for not doing so

~ She continues to tell a story of the world being full of people who don’t meet her emotional needs, so she’s constantly on guard and won’t trust others unless they prove themselves many times over


Her story of mistrust is the crux of her struggle.

Her success in life will take much longer to achieve than if she ditched her self-sabotaging story and embraced new beliefs of trust, empowerment, and triumph.


Your story is simply comprised of thoughts you’ve grown to believe.

Just because you believe them, doesn’t mean they’re true. 

The good news is that you can learn to embrace new beliefs.

And when you’re open to honestly changing your story, you can do it quickly

Then you’ll stop asking yourself:

“Why does life look so easy for everyone else?”


Getting a bolder mindset by replacing limiting beliefs will turn all of this around! 



With my coaching, you can learn to…

  • Develop fulfilling relationships
  • Stop people pleasing and overgiving
  • Be true to yourself
  • Be assertive and speak up for yourself
  • Embrace regular, nourishing self-care
  • Learn to identify, experience, and express genuine emotion











  • You’ve come a long way already and just need help from someone who’s been in the mindset areas you’re struggling with, so you achieve your goals of loving, balanced relationships, speaking up for yourself, being true to yourself, managing your inner critic, and consistent self-care
  • You’ve tried overcoming your challenges for a while now – talking with friends, reading self-help books, joining groups, listening to podcasts, signing up for webinars, maybe even counseling – but those methods have been way too slow, so now you’re ready to invest in yourself to get genuine and lasting results 
  • You realize that shifting your mindset from limiting to empowering beliefs is the key to getting the life you want, and you just need an objective person to help you quickly see your patterns, limits, and strengths that are keeping your vision (and results) narrow
  • You’re ready to hear the truth, take bold steps, and become the courageous woman you envision



When your head is full of limiting beliefs, you’re not seeing reality accurately. You don’t see your potential for creating a life you love. You don’t see your potential period.


But here’s the good news: You can create and embrace new beliefs.

And when you’re 100% open to changing your beliefs, you can do it quickly.

Dismantling your limiting beliefs doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, arduous process.

The Good Life is not just for others, it’s for you too!

That’s where my coaching comes in…

Mindset + Action = Joyful Life

I’ll coach you to get the mindset breakthroughs needed to stop holding yourself back, create new beliefs, and start living a life you love

Are you ready for huge mindset leaps

so you become the bold woman you’ve always wanted to be?



Imagine these results


: you have balanced relationships where you also receive love and support

: you connect with like-minded people who don’t drain your energy but make you feel empowered and valued

: you use your sensitivity of others’ energy to your protective advantage, so you no longer spend time with others who only take and don’t give


: you set healthy boundaries and give up people pleasing

: you avoid getting into unfulfilling, unbalanced relationships you feel stuck in

: you say “no” without guilt, self-criticism, or self-doubt


: you know you’re good enough and have stopped doubting your worth

: you practice consistent mindfulness and can calmly observe situations without getting on an emotional roller coaster

: your physical, mental, and spiritual energy has increased because you’re no longer playing a role


: you speak up for yourself and protect yourself

: you claim your space in the world and no longer defer to others

: you ask for what you need (and want) and go after your dreams


: you develop consistent, nourishing self-care routines that you look forward to

: you’re committed to making self-care top of your priority list 

: you no longer feel guilty taking regular time for yourself and you see immediate results


: you’re no longer hesitant to experience and express a range of emotions, not just the “acceptable” ones

: you develop and trust your intuition to tell you what feels good and what doesn’t and you follow through on those feelings

I’ve devoted my life to helping people, and I’ve learned how to get my clients lasting results

I had two sessions with Tristan and she gave me plenty of tips and insights on patterns and dynamics that played out for me and held me back in certain areas of my life. It really helped me to implement her tips.

It felt like a huge support to have a person on your side that sees you and believes in you and can already see the full potential of yourself. Which feels tremendously helpful if you have trouble to see your true self yet and when you navigate through your limiting beliefs.

Vanessa Guerrero

When I began working with Tristan, I immediately knew we were a good fit. She was very approachable and always provided me with honest feedback.

She recognized the negative self-talk patterns that I had been practicing for many years which had become the way I thought about myself and the way I viewed the world. She challenged me to let go of my negative beliefs and step out of my comfort zone. After a year of being self-employed, my business is hopping and I get to be selective of the work that I take on.

I highly recommend Tristan to any woman who needs an extra push towards reaching their dream!

Michelle Puerner

Tristan is an intuitive spirit who knows exactly what to say and do to let you know she cares.

Her greatest attribute is her trained ear and compassionate and deep empathy that warrants her guidance.

It is Tristan’s years of experience and her unobtrusive yet direct manner that makes her more than qualified to be your life coach.

Don’t be surprised If a warm pair of socks or a delicious homemade banana cranberry bread appears from the blue to brighten your day.

Joyce Kelley

Dr. Sophia has been such a light in my life.

She is able to create such a warm space to truly listen to what is going on within you, so you can quiet your inner critic, as it can sometimes be extremely loud.

She has such a nurturing and empathic way of helping you challenge those internal thoughts of when you start comparing yourself to others, as well as learning to fully trust yourself & your decisions.

She is also going to have the resources to help you get yourself back on the priority list without feeling guilty or questioning it. The value she provides is indescribable and beyond anything I’ve ever seen.

Dr. Sophia is one amazing life coach that is going to change your life if you are ready & committed to the process!

Caroline Iscovitz

The coaching I received from Dr. Tristan Sophia was exactly what I needed to take my business further.

I have always been good at setting goals and putting my customers first, but it was sometimes to my own detriment.

It was so easy to put myself on the back burner, putting the needs of others first. With Tristan’s help I was able to clarify my vision, make myself a priority, AND stay on track with my business goals and purpose.

The description of a great coach is someone who brings out the best in you so you can play at your fullest potential. Dr. Sophia is that coach!

Dionne Thomas

I have always been someone skeptical of ‘life coaching,’ thinking that it’s a bit hokey and not really something I would benefit from. I hate admitting that I’m wrong, but I was totally wrong. I promised myself that I would embark on this with an open mind, all while thinking I had it all figured out.

My time spent with Tristan was and still is incredibly impactful.

She is an unbiased source of support, who encouraged me to think “out of the box” and not be apologetic for being myself. I cannot say for sure if I will ever open my own bookstore, but I can say that with encouragement and help from Tristan, I will not apologize to someone who may not understand me, based on intellect or otherwise.

She helped me recognize that as a woman, I don’t owe explanation to anyone why I am the way I am but to own it.

I think this is the first time in my life I can honestly say that I feel empowered and I know it is because of the time I spent with Tristan.

Jessica Edwards

Tristan has helped me to change my life forever! I used to live in fear all the time and follow the need to escape. These are not characteristics conducive to starting and running a business. She’s taught me to not be ruled by my emotions and to quiet my own inner critic. It’s hard to own a business.

There are hurdles that come at you from seemingly nowhere that you must conquer, whether or not you think they have merit. You must convey the self confidence necessary to earn people’s trust.

You have to have enough faith in yourself that it is contagious. Tristan has given me the tools necessary to have that. And the best part is my confidence and faith in myself is sincere. I can truly see now the things I could not see before. That comes out in my dealings with customers as well as other business professionals I collaborate with.

I am forever grateful for her influence on my life.

Melanie Kossan

Working with Tristan was an amazing experience. She helped me to see my true self, my core, what really matters, in the midst of my mind negative chatter, softly guiding me to my truth without any judgement.

Tristan fully accepted me with all complexity of my being. As a result, I became more clear in regard to what I want to do in my life and career, and what I do not want to do. Whom I want to be daily, whom I definitely do not want to be. And what choices I want to make in every moment of my life to become a better version of myself.

I am beyond grateful for meeting Tristan on my life path and working with her towards achieving my entrepreneurial goals - understanding that I am worthy, I am appreciated, and I have to express myself freely because this is what we all come here for - to be unapologetically ourselves and experience this life, fulfilling our highest potential.

Ana Kam

Mindset + Action = Joyful Life 1:1 Coaching:

  • Eight 60-minute calls
  • 8 weeks of support between calls


$2000 (or two payments of $1130)

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