Quick Guide to Lasting Confidence

for Soul-Centered Female Entrepreneurs who need more confidence

This quick guide will set you on the path of how to find the lasting confidence you’re wanting, so you can stop letting self-sabotage block you from creating the successful and sustainable business you dream of

So… where’s your struggle? And how can you
get unstuck from where you are?

Here’s my story…I came into the online entrepreneurial space with a good amount of confidence. I’d built four brick and mortar businesses and worked as a psychologist with some of the most challenging people. I’d testified in court and done many presentations in my career.

You’d think I had enough confidence to build a successful coaching biz, right? I thought so too.

If you’d told me back then that I lacked the confidence needed to have an online biz, I woulda said you’re crazy, I have all the confidence I need.

Welp, guess what?

When I started posting in the online space,
I couldn’t help but notice the lack of traction on my posts. People weren’t ‘liking’ my posts or commenting. wth?

Then – ugh – my reactions –

frustration, doubt, blame, doubt, irritation, doubt, confusion, doubt, doubt, doubt…

I’d feel confident one day, or even several days, and then it would drop. Way down.

To the point that I doubted my ability to do what I dreamed of doing. 

What I wanted so desperately was confidence that was there every day.

I wanted (and needed) lasting confidence to get visible, stay visible, attract clients, and make massive shifts in their lives while making massive income for myself.

Ever feel that way? Thankfully, I realized I had more leaps to make in my mindset if I was going to become the leader and CEO I dreamed of being.

I’ve put 30 years of knowledge, countless hours working with my clients, and their valuable feedback into this guide to quickly get YOU started on the way to lasting confidence, so you can have the successful biz and income you deserve.

this guide will give you tips, tricks, & tools
to get on the path to lasting confidence

I love sharing all that I’ve learned as a mindset coach and psychologist. And as a female soul-centered entrepreneur!

Most importantly, I want to share as a woman who went many years feeling less than but wanting to feel confident so badly.

I’ve worked on myself for over 25 years, and I’ve come sooooooo far from where I started.

I’ll save you a lot of the time I spent learning how to improve my confidence ~

What took me years to learn is in this guide.

I’ve put 30 years of knowledge, countless hours working with my clients, and their valuable feedback into this guide to quickly get YOU started on the path to lasting confidence.

Love from other women

I had two sessions with Tristan and she gave me plenty of tips and insights on patterns and dynamics that played out for me and held me back in certain areas of my life. It really helped me to implement her tips.

It felt like a huge support to have a person on your side that sees you and believes in you and can already see the full potential of yourself. Which feels tremendously helpful if you have trouble to see your true self yet and when you navigate through your limiting beliefs.

Vanessa Guerrero 
Vanessa Guerrero

When I began working with Tristan, I immediately knew we were a good fit. She was very approachable and always provided me with honest feedback.

She recognized the negative self-talk patterns that I had been practicing for many years which had become the way I thought about myself and the way I viewed the world. She challenged me to let go of my negative beliefs and step out of my comfort zone. After a year of being self-employed, my business is hopping and I get to be selective of the work that I take on.

I highly recommend Tristan to any woman who needs an extra push towards reaching their dream!

Michelle Puerner 
Michelle Puerner

Tristan is an intuitive spirit who knows exactly what to say and do to let you know she cares.

Her greatest attribute is her trained ear and compassionate and deep empathy that warrants her guidance.

It is Tristan’s years of experience and her unobtrusive yet direct manner that makes her more than qualified to be your life coach.

Don’t be surprised If a warm pair of socks or a delicious homemade banana cranberry bread appears from the blue to brighten your day.

Joyce Kelley 
Joyce Kelley

Dr. Sophia has been such a light in my life.

She is able to create such a warm space to truly listen to what is going on within you, so you can quiet your inner critic, as it can sometimes be extremely loud.

She has such a nurturing and empathic way of helping you challenge those internal thoughts of when you start comparing yourself to others, as well as learning to fully trust yourself & your decisions.

She is also going to have the resources to help you get yourself back on the priority list without feeling guilty or questioning it. The value she provides is indescribable and beyond anything I’ve ever seen.

Dr. Sophia is one amazing life coach that is going to change your life if you are ready & committed to the process!

Caroline Iscovitz 
Caroline Iscovitz

The coaching I received from Dr. Tristan Sophia was exactly what I needed to take my business further.

I have always been good at setting goals and putting my customers first, but it was sometimes to my own detriment.

It was so easy to put myself on the back burner, putting the needs of others first. With Tristan’s help I was able to clarify my vision, make myself a priority, AND stay on track with my business goals and purpose.

The description of a great coach is someone who brings out the best in you so you can play at your fullest potential. Dr. Sophia is that coach!

Dionne Thomas 
Dionne Thomas

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