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Ready to do what’s best for you?

You’re here on earth to create a life of prosperity, freedom, ease, and balance.

The universe led you to the right place.

I coach motivated female entrepreneurs to get rid of the limiting beliefs stopping them from getting the lasting confidence needed to get visible to their ideal clients and create their successful business, so they realize their dream life of freedom.

Are you my next amazing client?


~ You’re a high achieving, ambitious woman who’s so beyond frustrated with the blocks of perfectionism, procrastination, inconsistency, and playing small that keep you from getting visible to the clients you know you can help

~ You’d be so unbelievably successful if you’d just figure out how to break your cycle of self-sabotage & self-doubt and start doing those steps that’ll get you in front of your ideal clients

~ You’re 100% committed to making the time, putting in the energy, and investing in yourself to finally make the successful biz you desire (which then creates the life you’ve been dreaming of)

~ You know the universe put this desire in your heart, and you just need someone like me to stand fiercely by your side with love and truth to get you to the place where you are unstoppable

After you achieve the unwavering confident and courageous mindset to build your successful biz, envision these results:

You become laser- focused on your goals

and where you want to be, rather than dwelling on what you don’t have and falling into self-sabotage

You stop comparing yourself to others

detach from taking things personally, and show yourself as the poised, self-assured, and exceptional entrepreneur you already are, so potential clients see your strength and the amazing results you’re offering

You regularly put yourself outside your comfort zone

so you and your biz rise to a whole new level of service and income

Your confidence and success mindset are so stable

you respond to biz ups and downs with unwavering faith in yourself, so you only keep upleveling, not falling into self-doubt

The struggle with procrastination

perfectionism, inconsistency, and playing small disappears, and your biz becomes one of fun, balance, and ease (no more hustle and grind 24/7)

You unapologetically express your real self

in all your social media with an energy of self-assurance, so the steadfast confidence in your valuable services speaks for itself

You fully invest in yourself

and ask for help from all the right people, so your biz takes off faster than you ever imagined

You achieve the essential time balance between your biz and your life

so you find a calm satisfaction with how your business runs, as well as with the quality of all of your relationships

Your dream biz takes off like never before

because YOU are taking off like never before

Dr. Sophia has been such a light in my life.

She is able to create such a warm space to truly listen to what is going on within you, so you can quiet your inner critic, as it can sometimes be extremely loud.

She has such a nurturing and empathic way of helping you challenge those internal thoughts of when you start comparing yourself to others, as well as learning to fully trust yourself & your decisions.

She is also going to have the resources to help you get yourself back on the priority list without feeling guilty or questioning it. The value she provides is indescribable and beyond anything I’ve ever seen.

Dr. Sophia is one amazing life coach that is going to change your life if you are ready & committed to the process!

Caroline Iscovitz

I had an impressive resume with incredible professional experience, I knew I was awesome at helping people, and I’d already built four successful brick and mortar businesses…

Then I entered the online space – whole different playground, right?

Waaaaah! I was confronted with the comparison trap and self-doubt…
I soon realized I had even more mindset goals to accomplish before I could achieve the success I envisioned as an online entrepreneur.

This space is not for the faint of heart, you gotta have cojones to be here, stay here, and have success here.

Tristan is an intuitive spirit who knows exactly what to say and do to let you know she cares.

Her greatest attribute is her trained ear and compassionate and deep empathy that warrants her guidance.

It is Tristan’s years of experience and her unobtrusive yet direct manner that makes her more than qualified to be your life coach.

Don’t be surprised If a warm pair of socks or a delicious homemade banana cranberry bread appears from the blue to brighten your day.

Joyce Kelley

I know you want success! I want it for you too. 

And the best person to help you get there is the one who’s been where you are and got to where you want to be.

I believe in you already, I’ll tell you the truth no one else will, and together we’ll create a plan of consistent, bold action that’ll get you the visibility results you’ve been wanting (and needing) so badly.

Say goodbye to worry, sleeplessness, and crying spurts. No more dreading the question, “How’s your business going?”

Say hello to the amazing CEO you’ve imagined yourself as, and the confident, resilient, and successful biz owner you know you already are.

Welcome in ease, freedom, balance, and prosperity.

1:1 Coaching


2 sessions
2 weeks of support


OR 3 payments of $1,884 
12 sessions
3 months of support

When I began working with Tristan, I immediately knew we were a good fit. She was very approachable and always provided me with honest feedback.

She recognized the negative self-talk patterns that I had been practicing for many years which had become the way I thought about myself and the way I viewed the world. She challenged me to let go of my negative beliefs and step out of my comfort zone. After a year of being self-employed, my business is hopping and I get to be selective of the work that I take on.

I highly recommend Tristan to any woman who needs an extra push towards reaching their dream!

Michelle Puerner

Board Certified Coach (BCC)

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